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Agriculture has always been the backbone of the country’s economy. With the increase in farm modernization, the technology is playing a very crucial role in the industry. This has resulted in more use of tractors thereby increasing its demand, both in agriculture and commercial segment. The presence of large number of domestic and International brands has made the tractor business very competitive. Traditionally, the pre-owned tractor business was controlled by brokers and local mechanics. However, now even the reputed brands are foraying in this segment.

To enhance the overall buying experience and to cater to varied needs, Escorts MolAnmol is a division of Escorts Agri Machinery that specializes in the pre-owned tractor segment with an aim to give the pre-owned tractor buyers all the facilities that a new tractor buyer gets.

To address the worries that are generally associated with the pre-owned tractors Escorts MolAnmol, has identified various pain points and has scientifically designed a mechanism to find effective solutions to give peace of mind to the end consumer:

  • Credibility: The person from whom he is buying the used tractor. Unlike the case of new tractors, which are bought from authorized dealerships of reputed companies, used tractors are bought from and sold to brokers who may not be reliable. Tractors bought and sold at Escorts MolAnmol are thoroughly inspected by experts and hence are more credible and trustworthy.

  • Price: To ensure the right price to be paid for the tractor, every tractor goes through a rigorous evaluation process before arriving at the optimum price which is good for both, buyers and sellers.

  • After sales support: After sale support in terms of servicing and genuine parts is provided to pre-owned tractors in the same way as for the new tractors. So the maintenance is taken care of in the right way and buyers can enjoy the peace of mind.

  • Finance: Easy finance through tie-ups with Banks and Non- Banking Finance Companies: Escorts MolAnmol has tie up with multiple Finance Companies and banks thus giving the customer access to a wide variety of finance options.

  • Warranty: Currently no player in the used tractor business offers warranty. The cost of any damage to the tractor after the purchase has to be borne by the customer himself. The tractor carries a Warranty for 1 Year/6 months/ 3 months depending on its age.

Therefore by coming to Escorts MolAnmola customer gets Transparency, Trust, and Peace of Mind free along with a good reliable Tractor.



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