Expert Speak


Product Head, Escorts Agri Machinery

Mol Anmol resonates with the value& economy oriented deals for old Tractor sale & purchase. The website is aiming to provide easy access for Old Tractor Inventory platform to buyers, seller, intermediariesand other stakeholders.

Mr. Deepak Mahendru

Director, Escorts Dealer Development Association Ltd

We started Escorts Mol Anmol website on March 11, 2016. Now, the web architecture is readily capturing theold tractor inventory available at each dealership along with the specifications at reasonable price range. The buyers and sellers will immensely benefit from this transparent platform.

Mr. P. Aggarwal

Director, Tractor Trading Company in Assand, Haryana

I used the Mol Anmol website and use it actively for seeing the best old tractor deals, model condition, other pricing parameters. I am able to compare the prices effectively, as per my requirements.

Mr. Raman Sharma

Manager STF, Punjab & Haryana

Mol Anmol website is of tremendous help to me and my colleagues in the organization. The readily available photographs, prices of the old tractors saves time. We are able to plan our business deliverables more effectively after determining the old tractor inventory lying with each dealer.